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Add a new lease of life to your furniture, have marks and rings removed and revive the finishes on your existing floors and staircase.


French polishing is a traditional finishing method that involves applying French polish by hand to ensure a finish of depth and quality.  I also offer a spray polishing service - this is suitable for larger jobs and capable of applying a more durable finish, ideal for doors, skirting boards, architraves etc. Spray polishing can also be utilised to colour-match items.

From restoration and damage repair to finishes for new woodwork

French polishing and more

For more information, please call Peter Donaldson French Polisher, in Leeds, today. I am happy to offer advice and information regarding any aspect of your project. To see examples of the work I do, please visit the gallery.

•   Staircases

•   Wooden floors

•   Doors

•   Furniture

French polishing services are ideal for:

Coffee rings on your antique dresser? Don't despair - Peter Donaldson has the skills required to remove the mark and restore your furniture.

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French polishing